Monday, October 14, 2013

Guess who's back??

Hi my Filo Fab friends!!

Oh how I’ve missed you all so much!! First I want to thank you for checking in on me during my absence and supporting my little blog. Luv & Hugs!!

It’s been a wild month I’ll tell ya! From my husband and I both getting sick at the same time with nasty, nasty head colds, to my father-in-law being admitted to the hospital with life-threatening symptoms (he’s much better now), now this STUPID government shut down…..I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep my house together and healthy. Did forget to mention I had a birthday too?? Looks who's getting old!! :) 

So while I’ve been away from my blog, I have been keeping up with phILOFAXY and my fav groups on Facebook related to planners and I’ve noticed a trend of people designing their own inserts. Great! My last post was about my newest hobby and believe me….I’ve been busy with my hobby! I’ve designed some super cute inserts for a personal sized Filofax (or any planner that can accommodate 3.75” x 6.75” inserts) and for y’all being such FABULOUS people….I am going to share!! My absolute favorite insert right now is my DO1P. I love it!! I’m using it every day and loving it more each day.

Now I can hear some of you…..didn’t you already share a DO1P? Yes I did. It was one that was inspired by FLYlady with her wonderful routines. As much as I liked those inserts, they just didn’t “do it” for me. So I put my daily routines on sticky notes and stuck them to my Today ruler that goes in my weekly section so I could see them every day. My weekly pages got so convoluted with information they were becoming a headache to look at. I needed daily pages! But I didn’t want dailies with times on them…that’s too structured for me since I am a stay at home mom as well. 

I thought about my Erin Condren Life Planner and how much I appreciated that there were no times in it, but AM, Day & PM instead. So….with that I took off with my plight to create a DO1P that would appeal to my need for the daily page and keep me wanting to use it. This is what I’ve come up with; an undated DO1P that has a loose structure. Along the top is space for the date, a place for you to circle the day of the week, and a spot to write the temp for the day. On the left side of the page, a box with AM, under that a box with PM, and under that a box for Notes. On the right side of the page there is a box for What’s for Dinner, under that a box for Don’t forget, and under that a list for your current Todo’s. I’ve been using them for about a week now and since I love them so much I thought I would share them with you. I still use my weekly pages, but for stuff like what’s on TV that night and football games. It’s also where I do most of my decorating (for now).

I hope like them as much as I do. I am in the process of designing an entire insert set so stay tuned for that. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Stay fab!

DO1P Metro insert

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