Friday, August 30, 2013

DO1P FREE Printable....Fabulous!!

Hi All!

One of my fabulous readers recently commented on some inserts I created with my FLYlady routines on them. She asked me if they were available to print and that got me to thinking….

1st – Oh that’s so cool! But….how do I share them?

So I figured out how to use my Google Drive to do just that and now I know how to share my inserts with everyone!

2nd – Will I get into trouble if I share my version of FLYlady anything? She does have her stuff copyrighted and I’m really not trying to get in trouble. So once I’ve done a little more research about that, I’ll know if I can share them or not.

So in the meantime….

I used the personal sized template from and created myown DO1P insert that I want to share with you for being such fabulous individuals! If you like I could do something like this say....once a month??? Lemme know whatcha think!!


ps....please don't sell these or use them for commercial purposes, but feel free to share!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Viruses, Dead Batteries, No Wifi???

So I know I talk about how much I love my Malden, how much I love pen & paper, but I am also very much an electronic gadget junkie. I love my toys!! J But it’s times like these when I am thankful for my fILOFAX. What am I talking about? This…

#1 – My laptop got infected with some stupid virus earlier this year. I had the virus removed but it caused so much damage I have to scan and defrag my computer before I can even use it….every time! And sometimes that can take more than an hour. Who has time to wait?!?! Defragging my Malden? That equates to re-arranging my sections and archiving old pages. Done!

#2 – Something is wrong with my tablet….it won’t charge! I’ve had it more than 2 years and I didn’t get the extra warranty coverage (shame, shame). It doesn’t have a replaceable battery so I’m screwed there. Charging my Malden? Nah, just unpop the popper and she’s ready and waiting for me!

#3 – My laptop and tablet are almost useless without internet… wifi necessary for my Malden!! I can play games, look at pics, get in touch with my friends, manage my home and plan my life….no internet needed!

Even with all my complaints about my electronic goodies, I would be lost without those too! My latest issues have me wanting for something new….like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Have you seen those? They’re so cool! And a new smart phone too. I want the Samsung Galaxy 4-Active. My birthday is coming up pretty soon so I keep dropping hints here and there (wink, wink). Hehehe, I just felt the need to rant about my electronic stuff before this laptop dies or freezes on my again! Overall I still prefer my Malden for my life planning and my gadgets for alarms, gaming, email, school, and Facebook.

Do you have a planning preference? Would love to hear about them!!

Stay Fab! (<3 font="">

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School!!!


I can't believe how fast the summer is going by!! Honestly, I'm glad it's almost over. For me, summer isn't my favorite time of year (gasp!) No, I am not a summer fan....I don't like being hot (migraine sufferer) so when school starts around here, I know the weather is about to cool off and we're headed into my absolute favorite time of year....AUTUMN!! I love seeing the change in the leaves and feeling to crisp, cool air. I love my sweatshirts, hoodies, skinny jeans and boots and I would die trying to wear those in the summer here!! (ha! ha!) It also means the return of football!!! Yeah!!! Go Chargers!! (alright I'll calm down....) that my kids have been back in school for the last 2 days, I've had to make some changes adds to my Ebony. In my priorities section, under my kids' tab, I added their class schedules, teacher contact info for both, club info, extra activities, volunteering and projects. Whew! All that in just 2 days? They don't play around here and I love it! My kiddos were so excited to get back to school! It just reminded me of how excited I got when I was a kid getting close to back to school. New clothes, new hairdo, new supplies, it was all good!

My kids' excitement was also a little contagious, okay, a lot contagious. They got me thinking about the direction I was going with my own school career and I've decided to make a change! This is my nth attempt at getting a Bachelor's degree and I've decided to take that on with everything going on in my life is just too difficult for me. I still want one, but I've decided to get back into my original career field (clinical data management) and I just need an Associate's degree to get my foot back in the door.....more on that later....

Back to my Ebony....

I also created some daily inserts with my FLYLady routines on them now that I have my house back. Now that the kids are safely in school all day I can get the house back in order, not worry about one of them tearing through, and begin to get ready for the change in season. Changing out summer wardrobes for fall/winter ones....changing our bed linens to cold weather linens... I surprise myself every year with this because I grew up in southern California where it barely rained! I didn't touch snow for the first time until I was 23 and built my 1st snow man at 35! I still don't like blizzards, but I love a white Christmas and I think I'll get one this year!

Anyway...enough of my rambling :)

Have any of you made changes to your setups since school has started or is about to start for your kids?

Stay Fabulous! <3 p="">
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