Friday, September 6, 2013

A Brand New Hobby!

I’ve only had my Malden since April this year. In that time I’ve tweaked and changed my system, dismantled and reassembled my setup, and that included finding different inserts to use. As I’m getting my life and priorities in order, my Filofax reflects it. My sections are coming together because I started designing inserts that were tailored to my needs. Sometimes I would find that my days would be so busy that my cotton cream WO2P couldn’t handle all that I needed to write and they looked a hot mess! I didn’t want Ebony full of random sticky notes that had information that should have been on a form of some sort and I’m not that chick that can have random notes just anywhere….I need my Filofax to sort out all the crap in my brain. 

Once I began incorporating FLYlady into my life I have really found the WO2P to be inadequate for my daily routines. It just didn’t work! Boo! So what did I do? I created my own FLYlady inspired DO2P inserts. There’s a pic of one in my setup post and a couple of fabulous readers have already asked if I would make them available to print.

Well….Here it is!

The top half of the 1st page is dedicated to your daily routines. I’ve broken them down into 3 sections: AM (7 tasks), Midday (7 tasks) & PM (6 tasks). There are already tasks filled in (random things) but it’s a Word document so if you save it under a different name you should be able to edit and change them to whatever you’d like. On the bottom half there’s a place to write your appointments for the day and your to-dos. On the 2nd page there’s a place for you to track your water intake…@ least 8 glasses! A place to write your daily inspirational quote or bible verse, a how was your day space, and a place for notes. I ran out of printer ink so as soon as I get some more I’m printing these babies out and trying them out for a week or so. I can’t wait ‘cause I love the look. I even kept everything pretty shades of purple :) 

So for you readers that asked for them I really hope you like them. I also included the DO1P original FLYlady inspired inserts I first designed. Let me know if you like ‘em!

Stay Fabulous!