Saturday, July 27, 2013

What kind of wallet is that??

Hi All!!

I know I promised to write about all the goodies I use in my Filofax, I promise I will, but I just couldn’t resist talking about an experience I had the other day.

Getting ready for an appointment, I stopped in at Huck’s for gas. I go inside to pay and when I open up my Malden to get out my $20 bill, the cashier’s eyes lit up!

“Oh I always wanted a wallet like that. What kind of wallet is that?”

A big, sneaky smile crosses my lips…
“It’s a Filofax. This model is called Malden and this is the personal size.”

“OH! Where did you get it? I want one so bad!”

Even bigger smile….”! And they’re having a 50% off sale right now too!”

“Oh I just love your wallet! I’ve always wanted one just like that….it’s so neat and stuffed! I bet you have your whole life in there huh?”

I was ready to open her up and show her how I have her all set up and well she works for me but the line behind me was getting kinda long so I said to her “just go check out the website and you’ll see they are so much more than a wallet!” and I ran out to put the gas in my car. The whole time I’m just smiling and looking at my Malden thinking “I love her so much!”

Am I a little nuts??? ;) 


  1. Nope! Not nuts at all :) It's not everyday you don't get the "What's that? A planner? Can't you just use your phone?". Cherish it!

  2. LOL Love when strangers admire my planner (: Definitely leaves you feeling happy.

  3. Yay! Did you ever find out if the cashier bought a Filofax?

  4. I love it! I've always used mine as a wallet too

  5. Haha I always get the 'what is that..? Is that a planner? Its huge!" lol!!