Friday, August 23, 2013

Viruses, Dead Batteries, No Wifi???

So I know I talk about how much I love my Malden, how much I love pen & paper, but I am also very much an electronic gadget junkie. I love my toys!! J But it’s times like these when I am thankful for my fILOFAX. What am I talking about? This…

#1 – My laptop got infected with some stupid virus earlier this year. I had the virus removed but it caused so much damage I have to scan and defrag my computer before I can even use it….every time! And sometimes that can take more than an hour. Who has time to wait?!?! Defragging my Malden? That equates to re-arranging my sections and archiving old pages. Done!

#2 – Something is wrong with my tablet….it won’t charge! I’ve had it more than 2 years and I didn’t get the extra warranty coverage (shame, shame). It doesn’t have a replaceable battery so I’m screwed there. Charging my Malden? Nah, just unpop the popper and she’s ready and waiting for me!

#3 – My laptop and tablet are almost useless without internet… wifi necessary for my Malden!! I can play games, look at pics, get in touch with my friends, manage my home and plan my life….no internet needed!

Even with all my complaints about my electronic goodies, I would be lost without those too! My latest issues have me wanting for something new….like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Have you seen those? They’re so cool! And a new smart phone too. I want the Samsung Galaxy 4-Active. My birthday is coming up pretty soon so I keep dropping hints here and there (wink, wink). Hehehe, I just felt the need to rant about my electronic stuff before this laptop dies or freezes on my again! Overall I still prefer my Malden for my life planning and my gadgets for alarms, gaming, email, school, and Facebook.

Do you have a planning preference? Would love to hear about them!!

Stay Fab! (<3 font="">

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  1. I'm a dedicated paper and pen (or pencil in the case of my diary) man, for all the reasons you mention above. I genuinely believe that paper-based systems (I use a Vintage Peronal Hampstead Filofax) provide a more efficient, more tactile, quicker to access system than any gadget I've yet found. I should add that mike most people I keep my contacts on my smartphone (BlackBerry Q10 from next week, woo!)but otherwise I don't depend on gadgets to keep my info, and my experience is that they don't provide a good medium for pro-active planning either.